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Executive Director of Jamaica Cricket 2007, Robert Bryan, has called on business interests in Montego Bay to work with the local planning authorities, to position western Jamaica to take advantage of the opportunities to be created by the ICC Cricket World Cup.
Mr. Bryan, who was addressing a public sensitization meeting held recently at the Montego Bay Civic Centre, said that the entire Caribbean and Jamaica in particular, stood to benefit tremendously from a myriad of business, commercial and economic spin-offs.
“By far, possibly the largest opportunity that presents itself to the Caribbean is the television audience . rated somewhere between two and three billion persons. That platform presents a tremendous opportunity for our countries of the region and in particular Jamaica, to position itself to take advantage of how it can actually project and market itself while this event is here in Jamaica,” he pointed out.
The Cricket World Cup, which is said to be the third largest sporting event in the world, attracting an unprecedented three billion viewers worldwide, should get underway in just under 12 months and is expected to bring some 30,000 additional visitors to the country, over the 59-day duration.
According to Mr. Bryan, the event has the potential to increase tourism revenue and foreign investments, develop a more competitive private sector, establish a fresh compelling identity for business, diversify markets and consolidate creative industries.
“This event is by no means an ordinary one-day cricket match,” he told the gathering. “This event will sit in Jamaica for some 59 days and all concerned must be so positioned that the great opportunities that will be presented will be grasped for the good of the country,” he added.
The Jamaican government has put up US$12 million for the staging of the event and Mr. Bryan assured that all of the contractual obligations that the government has signed to would be delivered.

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