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A group of nine business persons from the City of Lauderhill in Florida are on a four-day visit to Trelawny, to look at business opportunities in the parish in trade, commerce, among other areas.
At a reception held at the Falmouth Town Hall last night (April 29) to welcome the visitors, His Worship the Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Colin Gager, said that a number of reforms have been made at the Local Government level to facilitate business and investment.
He informed that under the Local Government Reform programme, “staff at the Parish Council is now better trained and the turnaround time for the granting of building approval has been much swifter. In fact, if you submit a project for approval and you do not get it back within 90 days, then come and talk to me.”
“We are on a fast track system to meet our ultimate objective of creating an absolutely business-friendly environment,” he said, assuring that the parish had the infrastructure to sustain development.
Commissioner of the City of Lauderhill, Dale Holness, who is leading the delegation, told JIS News that the group was seeking to establish a number of business contacts during their four-day visit.
Commissioner Holness, who was born in Jamaica, said that the goal was to have Lauderhill as the gateway to the United States for trade from Jamaica in general, and Trelawny in particular.
“We will work towards fostering strong ties with Trelawny of course using art, culture, sports, educational exchanges, trade and commerce,” he stated.
The City of Lauderhill is located in the centre of Broward County, South Florida, and has a population of approximately 70,000 people, who bring a vibrant mix of diverse cultures. It is in close proximity to three international airports and three major seaports. The city, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in June, was twinned with Falmouth in 2006.

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