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MONTEGO BAY – Members of the business community in Savanna-la-Mar and adjoining areas in Westmoreland have been urged to support the Jamaica 50 Independence celebrations in the parish, by cleaning-up and painting their businesses.

Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Bertel Moore, made the call as he addressed a sitting of the Council on July 12.

"As we  approach the 50th anniversary of our independence and the planned events to celebrate that milestone, I ask the business community of Savanna-la-Mar to help the Council to clean up the town.  Each person is requested to clean around his or her  business place and paint the buildings they occupy. I also ask them to ensure that Jamaican flags are placed in the windows and sections of the building," Mayor Moore said.

According to Mayor Moore,  the event  is very special and should be treated as such. "Let us therefore work together as one team and make the town of Savanna-la-Mar one of the most beautifully decorated town during this year's Independence celebrations. I would also request that even after the celebrations,  we make the effort to maintain a clean environment and a clean parish," he said.

Turning to other matters, Mayor Moore  suggested that  the Government should earn extra revenue "by placing a special tax  on bail documents, as these forms should never be free for offenders, many of whom have made a choice to break the law."

"I am of the opinion that if a person can deliberately place himself or herself into certain trouble, or to deliberately break the law, then such a person or persons should be required to pay a fee for those documents before their bail can be processed," the Mayor argued.

By Glenis. A. Rose,
JIS Regional Office, Montego Bay

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