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Citizens of Darliston and adjoining communities in Eastern Westmoreland are to benefit from a bus park to be constructed by the Ministry of Water and Housing at a cost of $3.35 million.
Sanjon Asphalting, a construction company located in Savanna-La-Mar, has been awarded the contract for the project, which should begin in two weeks and completed early next year.
On completion, the bus park will boast 43 parking bays for buses and taxis, a ticket office and five gazebos.
At the signing ceremony held in Darliston on November 11, Minister of Water and Housing Donald Buchanan, said the project was made possible through representation made by Member of Parliament for the Eastern Westmoreland, Prime Minister P. J. Patterson.
“I am happy to be a part of this project, which falls under the government’s trust to ensure a better quality of life for citizens. This project, I am sure, will significantly reduce traffic congestion and ensure better traffic flow within the township and its environs,” he said.
He noted further, that the construction of the bus park, “fits nicely with the improvements in the road infrastructure. This facility has been long in coming and has been on the schedule of the Urban Renewal Programme of the Ministry of Water and Housing.”
Minister Buchanan urged those who would use the facility, to ensure that it was properly maintained. “It is your bus park and all persons in Westmoreland have a responsibility to keep it clean and see to it that the bus park is here for our grand and great grandchildren to use”, he said.

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