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The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has launched the National Petroleum Codes, which provide standards to govern the operations and conduct of all the stakeholders in the petroleum industry.

The codes, developed through funding from the World Bank, address areas such as product handling, and occupational as well as health and safety requirements.

Director of Energy in the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, Fitzroy Vidal, said the codes will assist in dealing with some of the challenges in the industry, including matters relating to environmental protection, insurance and quality product assurance.

We want to make sure that we do business in an organised way as we seek to develop the country,” he pointed out.

He was speaking at the launch on November 30 at the BSJ’s corporate offices in Kingston.

Chairman of the BSJ Standards Council, James Rawle, is urging all stakeholders to implement the standards in order to drive the petroleum sector.

“Development of the National Petroleum Codes is a significant event given the critical nature and importance of the sector to the Jamaican people and economy,” he said.

The Jamaican Standard (JS) National Petroleum Code consists of five standards. They are the JS 341 for Liquid Petroleum Products, which contains product specification for unleaded motor gasolene, unleaded E10 motor gasolene 90 index, and jet A-1 fuel; JS 342 for Petroleum Products and Liquefied Natural Gas; and JS 343 for Petroleum-based Lubricants, which contains classification and characteristics of the different types of lubricants.

Others are the JS 344 for Product Chain of Custody, which details procedures for managing petroleum products to ensure control of product quality from point of production to final point of sale; and JS 345 for Biofuels, which contains the general requirements and variation of biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

The National Petroleum Codes are now officially gazetted as Jamaican Standards.

As of December 1, the codes will be available for purchase through the BSJ’s Technical Information Centre (TIC). The cost per code ranges from $3,501.66 to $5,429.46.

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