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The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), through a series of 14 stakeholders’ fora being held across Jamaica, is taking steps to ensure that consumers and food processors, manufacturers and importers/exporters are educated to make informed choices in purchasing items and utilizing services.

During the seventh forum, held at the Montego Bay Civic Centre, St. James, on Monday February 21, stakeholders from Montego Bay and its environs benefited from information shared during presentations and discussions carried out under the theme, “You and the BSJ”.

Public Education and Information Coordinator at the BSJ, Ellis Laing, told JIS News that the sessions were ‘critical’ for the general public to be sensitised on the roles and functions of the organisation, in order for there to be a greater understanding and wider acceptance of the importance of maintaining standards for the economic good of citizens and the country at large.

“We recognise that the Bureau of Standards not only undertakes a regulatory function in the Jamaican society, but is also a facilitatory agency. We interface with lots of manufacturers, food processors, importers and retailers. It’s important, therefore, that the average consumer will also be aware of what we do, why we do the things we do, rather than waiting until there is an issue or a problem… before they come to us. We would want for persons to come to us first, get it right so that there would be no need for repeating”, Mr. Laing told JIS News.

He indicated that the sessions were opened to all consumers, business owners and operators, importers, food processors and manufacturers and others, who can benefit from the discussions and urged them to attend and participate.

“I would seek to invite all these and more to come to the sessions, to air their questions, listen to the information shared and to be part of the drive towards quality and high standards. This will, in the long run, impact on our lives as consumers.  So the appeal is for these persons to come out to share and don’t pass up on the opportunity, where our officers are making themselves available to share with each participant”, Mr. Laing pointed out.

The series seeks to sensitize a minimum of 7,000 persons. It will next move into Hanover, followed by Westmoreland and Trelawny, as the bureau takes the message of quality and high standards across the country.



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