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Jamaican men and boys are being encouraged to participate in a push-up challenge in observance of International Men’s Day (IMD) 2020, on Thursday, November 19.

The challenge is one of the many activities organised by the Bureau of Gender Affairs (BGA), under the theme ‘A Man’s Health is a Man’s Wealth’.

Men and boys will be challenged to do 19 push-ups in keeping with the IMD theme, to encourage men to maintain healthy lifestyle practices.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Denzil Thorpe, said that the idea, conceptualised by the BGA, is for men to be challenged to do 19 push-ups.

He was speaking at the IMD Church Service, held on Sunday (November 15), at the Constant Spring Road Church of God in St. Andrew.

“You must do 19 push-ups and then challenge three of your friends to do the same,” he said, adding that the push-ups should be recorded and posted on social media platforms with the hashtags #IMDJA2020, #BGA, #healthylifestyle or #menandhealth.

International Men’s Day flyer. International Men’s Day is observed on Thursday, November 19. It serves to celebrate and highlight the positive contribution of men to the society. (Contributed photo)


Mr. Thorpe said he was challenged to do 19 push-ups by the Acting Policy Analyst, BGA, Nashan Miller. It was also done by the State Minister in the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Alando Terrelonge, who was challenged by the Permanent Secretary.

The Permanent Secretary called on the nation’s men to participate in the 2020 observance of IMD. He said that links to view online events will be published on the BGA’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

He is also urging men to join the BGA’s male network where “we raise issues affecting men and boys and find practical and sustainable solutions.”

On Thursday, November 19, there will be a forum and presentation of Outstanding Father Award at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p. m.

The event, organised by the BGA, will include presentations on prostate cancer awareness, mental health and wellness, healthy sexual lifestyle practices, and updates on the Young Fathers Jamaica Initiative and the #mentorme2020 Male Mentorship Programme.

The Outstanding Father Award will honour men who are exemplary in their roles as fathers, mentors and role models.

The IMD event will also include the soft launch of the Exemplary Male Role Models 2021 Calendar. This is an initiative by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), in collaboration with the BGA.

At 7:30 p.m. that evening, Mr. Terrelonge will host a rap session via Instagram and Facebook platforms to speak on a range of topics, including men’s health and other psychosocial issues.

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