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Head of the Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU), Mrs. Patricia Sinclair McCalla, noted that the details of the recommendations that were made in The Public Sector Master Rationalisation Plan would be available in October but in the interim, the focus must be on improving public sector services and efficiencies.
Mrs. Sinclair McCalla was giving members of the media an update at the post-Cabinet Press Briefing on July 28 at Jamaica House.
Mrs. Sinclair Mc Calla noted that the unit was encouraging a shift in focus in job loss to a focus on improved delivery of services.
“How do you train your existing staff to be able to deliver on the mandate and increase the outputs and have more positive outcomes? The shift has to be in terms of performance. When we think of reducing from 11.5 per cent the public sector wage bill to 9.5 per cent over the next two to three years, it doesn’t have to be solely focused on the numbers of those who will leave, but rather how do we increase productivity, how do we become more efficient and more cost effective, so that we have a more economical Government, which delivers high quality service to the public, of which all of us are a part of those accessing some of those services. It is a re-orientation of the mind,” she said.
Mrs. McCalla said that the PSTU’s change management plan was developed by public sector human resource development directors and not by external consultants. She also said that the PSTU was working with interdisciplinary transition teams including representatives from the Jamaica Civil Service Association.

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