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The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) is to receive assistance from the World Bank to upgrade and improve its calibration capabilities in its testing laboratory for refrigerators and freezers.

This was disclosed by Executive Director of the BSJ, Noel G. Osbourne at a JIS ‘Think Tank’, on February 14.

Mr. Osbourne said this is one of the significant projects being undertaken by the BSJ for energy labelling, and that it would come on stream in the 2011/2012 financial year.

This project is a collaborative effort of the BSJ and the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

Mr. Osbourne said there is recognition of the need for greater energy conservation and a wider use of energy efficient appliances, hence the need to upgrade the testing facility.

 “We’re moving into other appliances like air conditioning equipment and others. In the past we’ve done work with solar energy, just to ensure that the claims about these appliances are true. If it’s energy saving, we can carry out the tests to ensure that if the equipment is to consume 100 watts, then it’s 100 watts,” he emphasised.

Mr. Osbourne pointed out that the collaboration has been ongoing in several areas and will continue.  “In the area of the gas pump, you will see our stickers.  If you look at some of the appliances you buy, you will see that the Bureau has a role.  We do type testing.  Most importers know that if they are going to bring in appliances into the country they will bring a sample first to ensure it satisfies the standards and we will give them the go ahead,” he said.

Alliances have also been forged with agencies such as JAMPRO and the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC).

 Mr. Osbourne explained that where standards are required for the larger players of the Energy and Mining sector, international collaborations are necessary.  “While our main work is to develop national standards, we do use international standards where national standards do not exist. They will come to us for calibration activities for their tanks and their instruments, as their operations have to be conducted under controlled conditions and we will give certain verifications. We will do analysis on products, samples and so on,” he noted. 

He pointed out that currently, the BSJ is in the process of adopting several regional standards for CARICOM, to facilitate the regional single market thrust.



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