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State Minister in the Ministry of Mining and Telecommunications, Laurence Broderick, has proposed the rationalisation of the mining sector, to allow for legitimisation of those operations, which have not been formalised.
“We have to help people to legitimise themselves. We are not just here policing.it is the role of Government to facilitate, not just to make legislation,” he explained.
The State Minister was addressing the Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI)/Export Import (Ex-Im) Bank National Minerals Week power breakfast, held at the Terra Nova Hotel, in Kingston, on February 17.
Mr. Broderick said that the Government is exploring other market opportunities in the mining sector, such as China. “There are some avenues there for us to get back on track,” he said, mentioning what he said were “fruitful” meetings held with a Chinese delegation, that visited the island last week.
He stressed that having a feasible bauxite industry, must include the creation of effective synergies between training and practical approaches to planning and taking advantage of opportunities.
Meanwhile, Deputy Managing Director of the Ex-Im Bank, Megan Deane, said the Bank has, for many years, supported the minerals sector, primarily quarry operators and mining contractors, and linkage companies that feed into the sector.
“The Bank will continue to identify and fund projects in key growth sectors of the economy, including mining and quarrying,” Ms. Deane pointed out.

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