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KINGSTON — Young people with creative ideas or innovations in technology are being urged to submit these to a competition being hosted by the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ), with the winning innovation to receive assistance for development and marketing.

The competition, which is being undertaken by the Commission to mark its 25th anniversary this year, was revealed by Chairman of the organisation, Professor Hopeton Dunn, at the  Jamaica Chamber of Commerce’s Monthly Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday (June 21) at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston.

“The Commission wants to identify, through a competition, those younger people who want to prepare an application or an innovation and competitively present it so that we can make an award for them to be able to develop the actual application,” he explained.  

“The Commission is prepared to journey with them in terms of how that application can be marketed and (put) into industry and operation,” he added.

The Commission will also offer a 25th Anniversary Research Grant to a tertiary level student to undertake a research project on “broadcasting futures”.

There will also be anessay competition for high school students, while primary/preparatory schools will be invited to submit entries for a poster competition on the topic: ‘The Future is Digital’.

“For the younger age ranges, particular the sixth form and high school students, we would like to induct them early in thoughtful arrangements around the digital environment, so they will be asked to do essay competitions and again compete for top prizes for digital equipment that the Commission will make available to them for their own personal development,” Dr. Dunn stated.

The BCJ 25th anniversary activities, which kicks off on Sunday (June 26), with a thanksgivingservice at the Boulevard Baptist Churchin Kingston will culminate with an awards ceremony in October 2011.