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The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) has concluded its schedule of schools outreach programmes and activities for the 2012/13 financial year, which ends on March 31.

Over 4000 primary and high school students islandwide participated in a series of digital presentations, delivered over the past year by the Commission, which plans to embark on another phase shortly.

The sessions were geared towards empowering students to maximize the use of technology, among other benefits.

Speaking with JIS News following the programme’s conclusion at Trench Town High School in St. Andrew, last Friday (March 22), BCJ Executive Director, Cordel Green, informed that the agency will embark on another phase, beginning in April.

He advised that the Commission will be scheduling visits to new schools as well as returning to some of those which have requested follow-up visits.

“We talk to them, not as future leaders and creators, but as ‘now’ innovators, creators and leaders,” Mr. Green said.

He noted some of the youngsters’ affinity with technology and their adeptness at mastering various inputs in undertaking activities such as composing music.

“They have made their music. They take it like a hobby, they put their things on Facebook, and you have to explain to them how transformational those activities are and can be,” he pointed out.

The initiative has been deemed a success, based on the “phenomenal” feedback which, Mr. Green noted, has been received from the various participating schools.

“Each time we come to a school, we realize that we are (merely) touching the tip of an iceberg. We have to find a way, technologically, to be at Trench Town (High School) and to be at 20 other schools at the same time, using whatever technology that is available,” he said.


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