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Cabinet has given approval for a Bill to amend the Broadcasting and Radio Re-diffusion Act to be tabled in Parliament to expand the categories of broadcast licences which can be granted to eight.
The new licenses will include island wide and limited area commercial sound broadcasting licences as well as island wide and limited area commercial television broadcasting licences.
Other categories include public service, non commercial island wide and limited area licences and public service commercial island wide and limited area licences.
The amendments will also bring changes to the categories of cable licences. Cable licences will now be granted in the categories of subscriber television services; wired and wireless and independent programme providers and independent programme providers (subscription).
The recognition of independent programme providers as licensees will facilitate the introduction of local advertising on certain cable channels originating in Jamaica, once the regulatory amendments are in place.
Objections which had been previously raised by the Media about this amendment have largely been overtaken by changes in the Media landscape which have seen more broadcasters expanding their business operations to also become independent programme providers.
Any remaining areas of concern will be addressed in the regulations which are to be promulgated in the near future.

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