JIS News

A six member parliamentary delegation from the United Kingdom recently visited Curphy Home in Manchester to meet with veterans of World War II.
Head of the Delegation, Joan Ryan told JIS News that it was a pleasure and privilege to be able to interact with the residents of the home.
“We are actually on a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association visit to Jamaica.the purpose of our visit here today is to meet the ex-service men, particularly in light of the fact that this is the 60th anniversary of the end of the second world war so it was particularly appropriate that we end our tour with this visit,” she said.
Mrs. Ryan stated that one should never lose sight of the magnitude of the contribution made by all the persons who fought during the two world wars.
“We know that as members of Parliament we would not be living in a democracy, we would not have the right to make decisions about our country and the same is true about Jamaica, if it wasn’t for the sacrifice that these ex-service men and women made in fighting fascism and ensuring that democracy was protected,” she informed.
Mrs. Ryan suggested that there were still very tangible ways in which members of the wider society could honour the war veterans.
“It is very important for everyone, especially the politicians to be aware of the costs of war and that we must ensure that we protect democracy and sort out our differences through the negotiating table and through the ballot box but always avoid armed conflict whenever possible,” she said.
In relation to the annual Poppy Appeal Mrs. Ryan observed that this activity was very “crucial” for members of the wider community to make contributions as it was the medium that was used to solicit funds to support ex-service personnel from around the world.
“I know in Great Britain we support very strongly the appeal because it bring funds in not just for caring for the veterans but also for the support of other worthwhile charities and foundations.so far it has been a wonderful visit here and it has been fantastic meeting ex-servicemen and women and talking with them and observing their generosity about the sacrifice they made. It really is a lesson in putting others before yourself”, she said.
Mrs. Ryan stated that the members of both Houses of Parliament had never forgotten the contribution made by the “people of the West” during the war years.
“We as British parliamentarians want to acknowledge the efforts made by so many from Jamaica and indeed the wider Caribbean made at the time when it was so needed, working with Great Britain.It is a joy to actually be here in a garden that was set up by visiting members of the British forces some years ago, to me a garden is a very good place to sit and relax for a little bit of tranquillity and pleasure,” she said.
At the end of the visit a book on the history and architecture of the House of Commons was presented to the home by the members of the visiting team.