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Construction work has been completed on seven of 10 bridges, which are being built under the Canadian R.A. Murray Bridge Programme, Transport and Works Minister, Hon. Michael Henry, has informed.
In his 2009/10 Sectoral Debate presentation to Parliament on September 15, Mr. Henry outlined that the seven bridges completed under Phase II of the US$44.2 million programme are: the Black River Bridge, Portland; Johnson River Bridge, St. Thomas; Milk River, and Angel’s River Bridges, Clarendon; Sevens River Bridge, St. James; Gordon Town River Bridge, St. Andrew; and Worthy Park Bridge, St. Catherine.
The remaining bridges, namely: the Queen’s River Bridge, Hanover; Martha River Bridge, Trelawny; and Waterloo Bridge, St. Andrew, are expected to be completed in December, according to the Minister.
Phase III will entail ongoing works on the Fairfield Bridge, St. James and Springfield Bridge, Clarendon, while preliminary design works are being developed for the Steer Town Bridge, St. Ann; Horse Savannah Bridge, St. Thomas; and Alligator Church Bridge, Portland. Phase IV of the programme will also see five bridges being replaced. These are the Westmoreland Bridge, St. Mary; Whitehouse Bridge, Westmoreland; Molynes Road, and Sandy Gully Railway Bridges, St. Andrew; and Mahogany Vale Bridge, St. Thomas.
Continuing his presentation, Mr. Henry listed 14 bridges identified for replacement within the next two years under the Local Bridge Programme. These are at Johnson River, 11 Miles; Bull Bay Compact 200 and Roselle in St. Thomas; the Crooked River, Oaks No. 1 and 2 and Silent Hill Bridges, Clarendon; Eden, Robins Bay and Enfield Bridges, St. Mary; Salt Spring Bridge, Hanover; Forum Bridge, St. Catherine; and Latium Bridge, St. James.
Additionally, work is expected to commence on the Rio Grande Bridge in Portland, for which parts are currently in the island, and negotiations for construction, underway.
Meanwhile, the tender process for the procurement of 17 additional bridges, including eight single-lane, five two-lane and four pedestrian modular bridges, valued at approximately US3.8 million, is currently underway.
Mr. Henry informed of plans to replace a further nine bridges over the next five years. Those targeted are located at: Guanaboa Vale, Vanity Fair and Stubbs, St. Catherine; Sandy Gully/Cassia Park and Queensborough, St. Andrew; Leith Hall, St. Thomas; Maggart, St. Mary; and Kupius, Clarendon. Designs for the project, valued US$3.8 million, are currently being developed.

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