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Brampton Primary School, in Trelawny, became the latest recipient under the Government’s Tablets in Schools Programme, following the donation of 45 tablets to the institution on Friday, November 6.

Education, Youth and Information Minister, Hon. Fayval Williams, made the handover to the school, whose students in grades four to six under the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH) will get the devices for online learning.

The Minister also announced that the Government will be providing internet service to the institution before the end of November.

“This is a continuation of the rollout of 40,000 tablets to schools all across Jamaica [and] we are focusing this distribution on our PATH students. They are the most vulnerable,” Mrs. Williams said.

She pointed out that the devices will help to accelerate and enrich the e-learning process, in order to get the students ready for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination, by mastering the different subject areas.

In addition, she noted that teachers were also trained to utilise the devices as well as the e-learning management system that come installed on each device.

“So students, take care of these devices. We are putting them in your hands, because we want to excite you for learning even more. We want you to query different subject areas and have the access, so when you have questions about your Science class or your Math class, you can go on and do that query,” Mrs. Williams indicated.

For her part, Principal of Brampton Primary School, Camiel West-Thompson, thanked the Minister and her Ministry for the tablets and internet connection. She said this is part of the national development and vision for education in Jamaica.

“We are extremely grateful for the tablets. We know this will be of tremendous help for the students in accessing online learning. We are also happy to know that the internet is on its way. We will make good use of it for our school and community,” Mrs. West-Thompson said.

The Government plans to distribute over 40,000 tablets to 500 primary schools under the national initiative.

e-Learning Jamaica (e-LJam) is handling the distribution process and is also working with public secondary schools to procure laptops for students in grades 10 to 13 who are on PATH, as well as for other needy students.

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