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The St. Augustine’s Boys Home in Chapelton, Clarendon received a face-lift on March 14, when staff and trainees of the Ebony Park Heart Academy carried out upgrading work at the facility.
Electrical and landscaping works were undertaken, and businesses in the parish, including National Commercial Bank and Clarendon Co-operative Credit union, donated cash to purchase fans and a microwave for the home.
Also rendering assistance were Building Innovations, SHA-GORE Blocks and Aggregates, and LRD Engineering Works.
Co-ordinator of the project, Aston Spencer told JIS News that the work done was aimed at improving the living condition at the home and building the self esteem of the juveniles.
“We visit these homes on an ongoing basis to provide counselling, and recently we made a decision to seek sponsorship and assist in giving these boys a comfortable surrounding. Being stationed at a home is not the end for them, so in a practical way we are showing them that people care about them, and a lot of them have enrolled in our various centres seeking to obtain different careers. So, the career guide that we provide, and now seeking to make their dwelling more comfortable, will help them to see a future beyond where they are presently,” he said.
A resident at the home told JIS News that he was grateful to see persons not residing at the home taking time to help with the upkeep of the facility.
“What is happening is a bit unbelievable, and I want to say thanks to everyone who gave their time, money and goods to help us. This is very encouraging and we will do our best to care the items and keep the place very clean,” he said.
The home can accommodate 65 boys, but currently has 35.

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