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MANDEVILLE — Chairman of the Manchester-based Mount Olivet Boys' Home, Grace Campbell, says the work that the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) has been doing at the home over the past two years is commendable, and has contributed to the transformation of the residents there.

“The board does appreciate the JIS coming… they are people, who give of their time to support other people. The boys at the home really need the wider society to come in and love them, and what the JIS is doing is highly appreciated,” she said.

According to Mrs. Campbell, since the JIS adopted the home in December 2009, there have been marked changes in the behaviour of the boys.

“(They) the boys are much easier to deal with in recent times. The JIS could be a contributing factor to that because anytime people feel loved and have other people extending love to them, the response is always positive,” she said.

She added that “it is very important when those of us who recognise the importance of another person’s love can go in and pay attention to homes such as the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home.

As part of its ongoing support of the home, the JIS staff, led by Chief Executive Officer, Donna Marie-Rowe, staged a fun day at the facility last Saturday (April 30).

The approximately 20 boys and staff of the JIS were divided into four teams – red, blue, green and yellow – where they engaged in friendly competition in sprints, relays, sack race and tug of war. Prizes were awarded to the boys, who won individual events, with a trophy going to victorious blue team. At the end of the competitive events, the group shared a scrumptious lunch courtesy of the JIS. 

Duty Officer at the institution, Quenis Baker, in commending JIS, said the day was exciting and enjoyable for the boys.

Co-ordinator for the event, Christine Ade-Gold, said that while the JIS’ visits to the home usually involve one-on-one mentoring sessions with the boys, “this visit was just to have fun."

“I am very pleased,” she said, noting that “the boys had a great time."

She noted further that “seeing the head of the agency always coming and bringing her family along with her is really a motivation for the other staff members to offer support."




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