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The government’s fight against HIV/AIDS is being boosted through support from the City of Kingston Cooperative (COK) Credit Union, which is providing grants to organizations, which carry out prevention, care and education programmes.
General Manager of COK, Brenda Cuthbert, told JIS News that up to $500,000 is granted per year under the COK HIV/AIDS Fund. “It may be awarded to one organization or shared among not more than three organizations,” she informed.
She noted that HIV/AIDS remained a major health and economic risk, “which all citizens and organizations have a role to play in mitigating and so on behalf of our members, COK is extending this grant to help strengthen the work of the experts on the forefront of the fight”. The COK General Manager explained that the fund was established in 2004 to support organizations involved in workplace education, as well as the provision of income generating and skills training opportunities for people living with HIV/AIDS. “It also supports intervention programmes that prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among the 15-34 age group,” she said.
The first award of $200,000 each, was made in 2005 to Jamaica AIDS Support’s Montego Bay project, and the University of the West Indies HIV/AIDS Response.
Inviting organizations to apply for the support, Ms. Cuthbert informed that, “submissions should state the background of organizations, specific projects for which funding is being sought, expected outcomes, provide evidence of a previously successful project and evidence of good governance”.
Applications for the COK grant will be accepted up to November 20 and announcements will be made on World AIDS Day, December 1.
Applications can be emailed to klewis@cokcu.com or sent to 66 Slipe Road, Kingston 5.

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