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The training programme of the 4-H Movement in Hanover is to be strengthened, as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Ian Hayles, has committed $250,000 from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), to help the organisation.

Mr. Hayles gave the commitment while addressing the Annual General Meeting  of the Hanover 4-H Clubs, held at the Hopewell High School, in Hanover, on  June 21.

The State Minister described the 4-H Movement as very important, especially as it relates to the training of youth in agriculture.

Mr. Hayles, who had earlier addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Hanover Association of Branch Societies, carried a message of hope for the farming sector to both groups, while at the same time promoting the use of technology in the sector.

“The way forward is agriculture… and we have to embrace technology,” he emphasised, arguing that there is wealth to be acquired in agriculture, but only if the right principles and approaches are adopted.

Pointing out that he is also a farmer, Mr. Hayles said that most of the nation’s farmers must be prepared to change their farming techniques to benefit adequately.

“We have to start telling our young people how to embrace technology,” he said,  bemoaning the fact that there are not many young people involved in the sector.

He declared his full support for the 4-H Movement and its focus on youth training, and pointed out that the organisation is an important vehicle to move the agricultural sector forward.

The State Minister appealed to the more than 200,000 farmers islandwide to embrace technology, and produce more.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter                                  

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