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Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Sandra Graham, in launching the book ‘In search of a new Jamaica: A determined fight for good governance’ has posed a question to all Jamaicans about their involvement in ensuring good governance.
Mrs. Graham said, “While the State pursued an approach that was clearly methodical, deliberate and structured, what did you do to help create a better Jamaica, better governance and a gentler society?”The book, edited by Mrs. Graham, is a compilation of selected speeches delivered by Prime Minister P. J. Patterson and range from his inaugural swearing in ceremony in 1992 to an address to permanent secretaries, chairmen and chief executive officers in 2005.
The launch took place recently at Jamaica House, on the occasion of the second panel discussion on governance organized by the Government Communications Group.
“In compiling the speeches for this book I was amazed at the remarkable consistency of the themes that ran through the speeches of Prime Minister Patterson from 1992 up until today,” noted Mrs. Graham.
She continued, “Themes such as values and attitudes, good governance, and inclusiveness are consistent throughout.”
According to Mrs. Graham, the discussion so far on good governance and corruption seemed to start and stop with the political directorate, however, the panelists – Northern Caribbean University head Dr. Herbert Thompson; Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Carlton Davis and University of the West Indies lecturer Professor Trevor Munroe – and persons present, pointed to a different and added dimension to good governance, that included all Jamaicans.
“This book therefore seeks to provoke a more rational and objective discussion of the topic of good governance and as we heard from Professor Munroe, there is an extensive list of things, policies, legislation that were introduced over the last decade or so,” she added.
Copies of the book were presented to the panelist, government communicators and media personnel, who attended the event.

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