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A 164-page book titled, ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution: A developing world perspective’, and written by Professor Albert Fiadjoe, was officially launched on May 24 at the Half Moon Hotel, in Rose Hall, Montego Bay.
The launch was included in the official welcome reception for the 3rd Caribbean Conference on Dispute Resolution, being held at the hotel from May 24 to May 27.
Executive Director of the Dispute Resolution Foundation, Miss Donna Parchment, in her comments at the launch, said the occasion was an exciting one. She described Professor Fiadjoe, who resides in Barbados, as a world citizen, “one who looked from his native land Ghana, across the open waters of the middle passage, and came of his own free will to these Caribbean lands, settling in Barbados”.
She said that in the Foreword, former Chief Justice of Barbados, David Simmonds, described the book as a work of exceptional merit. “It is a timely and relevant publication, for it locates much of its learning and discussion in the realities of the contemporary Caribbean and the wider global environment,” Mr. Simmonds said.
Citing the many written works produced by Professor Fiadjoe, Miss Parchment said that he has provided his outstanding intellect and scholarship to serve students and citizens through academic research, teaching and consultancies, from Guyana to the Gambia, throughout the Caribbean, working also with several organizations globally. “He has supervised graduate, masters and doctoral students, and introduced the teaching of alternative dispute resolution to the University of the West Indies,” she pointed out.
She argued that the new book was of great value for several reasons. “It is the first which documents the status of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the region and elsewhere in the developing world, and it provides direction for working with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and CARICOM dispute settlement mechanisms. It is a scholarly work supported by case law and legislative references; and it is readable for anyone interested in this field to increase their knowledge,” Miss Parchment explained.
Professor Fiadjoe, in his reply, pointed out that the philosophy behind the book has been to tell the story of ADR from the viewpoint of the Caribbean, taking into account Caribbean legal institutions, Caribbean cultures, Caribbean ethos and Caribbean ideology.
The conference brings together business leaders, managers, human resource personnel, court administrators, judges, attorneys, the police, community activists, social workers, youth leaders, researchers, policy makers and practitioners, to share knowledge, skills and experiences in ways of enhancing mediation skills and resolving conflicts through early interventions, from dialogue to arbitration.
The conference is being held under the theme, ‘Matching the Process to the Problem: Dispute Resolution Options for the Caribbean’, and is staged by the Dispute Resolution Foundation, in association with the Mona School of Business at the University of the West Indies.

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