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World and Olympic sprint champion, Usain Bolt, has expressed satisfaction with his performance at the just concluded London Olympic Games.

"I went out there and I did my country, myself, my fans, and everybody who was looking forward to me doing great things proud, and I am very happy with myself. I'm very pleased with my performance, I think I did pretty well," he said, during a press conference held in his honour, at the Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records in Kingston September 11.

Usain copped gold medals in the men’s 100 and 200-metre events, setting an Olympic record in the former. He was also part of the world record-winning men's 4X100 sprint relay team.

The triple gold medallist who said it hasn't been a smooth athletic season, shared that he was able to "push through" with the help of God and the support of his coach, Glen Mills, management team, family, friends, fans and sponsors.

With a phenomenal Olympic performance under his belt, Usain warned naysayers to "never doubt a champion," and asked his well-wishers for continued support.

Minister with Responsibility for Sports, Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley, said she is of the belief that, "Usain Bolt has become the most celebrated athlete in track and field in history."

"His record accomplishments and the growth of digital and internet media has meant that millions, if not billions, follow his every performance and anxiously read every word written about this super athlete,” she said, adding that Usain has achieved the legendary status of that of reggae icon, Bob Marley.

Mrs. Neita-Headley said that Usain Bolt’s effervescent personality has brought "much fun back to the sport” of track and field, with people around the world making a point about mimicking Usain, trying to find a way of rivaling Usain Bolt's signature 'to the world' pose.

"All this has led to a tremendous boost for Brand Jamaica and has offered hope to many of our athletes who are still seeking sponsorship and support. While the Government gives support, I continue to invite all potential sponsors, use Usain Bolt's example, get in on the ground floor before it’s too late," she urged.

Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Holness, for his part, said Usain Bolt transcends Jamaica, not just in athletics, but “it is also his personality that endears people to him from all over the world."

He praised Usain for achieving his many feats without the aid of any form of drugs, which “shows what humankind can do if they work hard and hone their skills."

British High Commissioner to Jamaica, His Excellency Howard Drake, also congratulated “the greatest athlete the world has ever seen,” for the remarkable contribution he has made to the Olympics and sports in general.