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The Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) unveiled a commemorative limited edition $50 note, on November 10, as part of activities to mark the institution’s 50th anniversary.
Speaking at the BoJ’s quarterly press briefing in the institution’s auditorium, downtown Kingston, Governor, Brian Wynter, said the note’s issuance is in commemoration of the passage of the Bank of Jamaica Act in October 1960, which established the framework for the formal commencement of the Central Bank’s operations in May 1961. He advised that the formal celebrations are scheduled for May 2011.

Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) Governor, Brian Wynter, addressing the BoJ’s quarterly press briefing at the institution’s auditorium, downtown Kingston, on November 10.

Mr. Wynter informed that while the new note will have some similar depictions to the existing legal tender, it will bear features distinguishing it from what obtains. Both notes, he outlined, will share a depiction of the portrait of National Hero, the Right Excellent Samuel Sharpe, on the front, as well as existing security features.
However, he said the new note features the Bank’s logo, highlighted in blue with the words ’50th Anniversary’ and the numbers ‘1960 to 2010’, above and below, respectively.
The reverse side, the Governor disclosed, features a vignette depicting the Bank of Jamaica building, set against a medallion backdrop of morning glory blossoms. That vignette, he said, replaces the Doctor’s Cave beach depiction on the note currently in circulation.
“These commemorative $50 notes will circulate along with the regular $50 notes, which will not be withdrawn from circulation, and will remain legal tender,” Mr. Wynter said.

A specimen of the commemorative $50 note, issued by the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ), to mark the institution’s 50th anniversary, on display at its quarterly press briefing on November 10, at the BoJ auditorium, downtown Kingston.

A specimen of the note, which was on display during the briefing, was presented to former BoJ employee, Dorothy Clarke, who was among the first set of staffers initially employed to the Central Bank in 1960. The presentation was made by Senior Deputy Governor, Audrey Anderson.

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