JIS News

Work being carried out by Bouygues Travaux Publics Jamaica Limited, on the Bog Walk Gorge roadway in St. Catherine,should not affect meeting the deadlines for other projects that are being undertaken elsewhere in the country.
This commitment was given by Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues, Louis Brais, who told JIS News, that careful consideration had been given before making the decision to rehabilitate the Bog Walk Gorge roadway, over the next four weeks.
“We happened to have a period of time where some of the equipment could be pulled off Mount Rosser without having a major impact on the Mount Rosser project, which in itself is a huge project and it just made sense to do that,” he told JIS News.
The Mount Rosser project which is far advanced, involves the cutting of a roadway through the Mount Rosser hills, as part of the Highway 2000 project.