BMW Provides Luxury Cars for Cricket World Cup

The Jamaica Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has secured a fleet of 37 BMW 5 series motorcars as part of transport requirements for the hosting of the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007.
The luxury cars, which are now in the island, are courtesy of BMW International, the official car sponsor of the mega event and will be used to transport officials of the ICC, teams, sponsors and other important persons.
Speaking at a recent press conference, Jamaica LOC Executive Director, Robert Bryan, disclosed that an agreement was reached between the ICC CWC 2007 Inc. and the commercial rights holder, BMW, to supply the cars across the region to those governments wishing to utilize them.
Based on the agreement, the vehicles will be used for the tournament at no cost. This is under the condition that the vehicles are imported into the island duty free and must be sold in the country at the end of the tournament.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has agreed to purchase 20 of the luxury cars to replace and replenish the protocol fleet.
“We are in the process of securing buyers for the remaining 17 cars. The cars can only be sold to those agencies or individuals that have duty concessions,” Mr. Bryan informed. “If we cannot sell them there, they will have to be sold at the full duty price for such an import,” he further indicated.
Commenting on the BMW model cars, Mr. Bryan said they conformed to government regulations for the protocol fleet.
The Guyanese government recently received 20 BMWs as part of its preparation to host “super eight” matches during the event.

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