JIS News

Some 40 persons from the Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA), Sandals Whitehouse Hotel, and Bluefields Bay Fishermen Friendly Society, will tomorrow (Sept. 20), collaborate to clean half mile of the Bluefields Bay Fisherman’s Beach in Westmoreland.
The beach clean-up activities, will see several young people from Bluefields and surrounding communities participating and will be carried out, as part of the International Coastal Clean-up Project, which is an annual event.
According to coordinator of the project, Keith Wedderburn, members of the clean-up team are all environmentally conscious and by participating in the activities, are ensuring that the environment is protected and kept clean and healthy.
“The Bluefields community presently has an environmental programme, where three and a half miles of highway stretch is cleaned on a weekly basis, which is an ongoing programme. This really enhances and complements our present environmental project…We truly believe in protecting our environment for ourselves and for the future of our children and what we do through this clean-up, sends a strong message for others in the communities to seek to change their mind-set and join in the protection of the environment,” Mr. Wedderburn told JIS News.
He informed that debris and other solid waste will not be only collected but also recorded for assisting in informed decisions in the future.
“The exercise includes the collection and recording of debris found on the beach. So it’s not merely a collecting of garbage but also a recording of what is collected. We actually record the items because this information is used in the future to make informed decisions, so at the end of the day, we would be required to complete data cards as to the items found and also the quantity and the information stored for future use . this is a very important exercise, because what it tells us is where our solid waste and our garbage go,” he explained.
Mr. Wedderburn noted that citizens across the communities are being encouraged to care for their environment through a number of ongoing educational sensitisation activities.