JIS News

The Blood Bank has stepped up its collection drive in Portland, with the establishment of a Parish Committee to regulate blood donation in the parish.
Carol Williams, blood donor organizer for the Eastern Region of the Blood Bank told JIS News that the move was to deal with the severe shortage of blood at the blood bank.
She noted that the committee members would work closely with the general public and the various groups and organizations in the parish to encourage persons to donate blood. She added that strategies to be used, included the staging of a number of public meetings to sensitise the general public about the critical importance of donating blood, and giving talks at schools and community meetings.
Miss Williams said that the blood groups which were in short supply were 340 O Positive, 48A Positive, 27B Positive, 12 O Negative and 5 HB Negative. She expressed confidence that the public would co-operate and bring about a significant improvement in the blood supply.
She pointed out that persons desirous of donating blood could do so at the Port Antonio Public Hospital in the town.

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