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As efforts continue to restore normality in St. Mary, following last week’s heavy rains, the National Works Agency (NWA) is reporting significant progress in the clearing of blocked roads in a number of communities.
In an interview with JIS News, Collin Morrison, Senior Communications Officer at the NWA, said the only road which remained impassable was the one between Fort George and Camberwell, which was blocked by landslides.
He noted that roads already cleared were Highgate to Windsor Castle, Rio Nuevo to Lambkin Hill, Richmond to Clonmel, Broadgate to Agualta Vale and Chovey to Claremont.
Mr. Morrison added that roads accommodating single lane traffic included Trinity to Little Bay, Bailey’s Vale to Free Hill, Trinity to Fontabelle, White Hall to Cumsee, Maiden Hall to Pembroke Hall, Montreal to Derry and Broadgate to Tom’s River.
He urged motorists to exercise caution when using these roads, explaining that the NWA was making every effort to address the road problem in the affected communities.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has been distributing relief assistance, including mattresses, toiletries and foodstuff to affected persons, while conducting assessments of the damage and losses suffered for the purpose of facilitating government assistance to victims.
Noting that this was being done expeditiously in view of the emergency situation in the parish, St. Mary Disaster Co-ordinator, Myrnel Grant, told JIS News that persons affected by the flooding should report their losses to the St. Mary Disaster Committee or the St. Mary Office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, in order to benefit from any assistance to be provided.
She said the people of the affected communities were working together to do the necessary cleaning up in the aftermath of the flooding.
Miss Grant commended the National Solid Waste Management Authority for the support it was providing for the cleaning up exercise.

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