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A Bill seeking to link service in the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) with employment in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), was passed in the Upper House, on (February 9).
The legislation will facilitate pension payments to officers who have served in both arms of the Force on or after February 27, 1998.
State Minister in the Ministry of Education and Youth, Senator Noel Monteith, who piloted the Bill to amend the Constabulary Force Act, explained that currently, “there is no provision under the Constabulary Force Act for the linking of service in the ISCF to service in the JCF”.
“Therefore, the situation as it currently obtains, reveals that there are members enlisted in the JCF who were transferred from the ISCF, and many of those are approaching retirement. These members will not have their service linked for pension purposes, unless there is an amendment to the Act to allow for this,” explained Senator Monteith.
Opposition Senator, Colonel Trevor McMillan said he supported the amendment to the Bill, emphasising that, “it is very worthwhile and it is very just”.Senator McMillan added that there was an urgent need to increase the number of persons enlisted in the JCF.
In response, Senator Colin Campbell said that, “over the last few years, the size of the Jamaica Constabulary Force has been the subject of discussion. However, a few years ago the Government did take the decision to increase the force to 12,000 members”.
“You really do not increase the size of your police force overnight, as you have to put in place certain infrastructure to properly train the recruits. A lot of our recent recruits were women and the force was geared basically as a male force and we had to put in place the necessary facilities to increase the training of women,” he pointed out.

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