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The Bethlehem Moravian College in St. Elizabeth has introduced a course and a scholarship in Maroon Studies.

The course is part of the institution’s four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programme in History and Social Studies.  Accompong resident, Rushelle Lennon, is the first recipient of the scholarship, which was officially presented at the Accompong Maroons 2012 Conference, held on Sunday (Oct. 27) at the Accompong Resource Centre in St. Elizabeth.

Chairman of the college, Lowell Morgan, said the board responded to the request of Chairman of the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation, Donna Parchment-Brown to institute the scholarship.

He said the institution sees the introduction of the course and the scholarship, as a move that will bring lasting benefit to the society.

"The course will look at the importance of the Maroons to the history and future of Jamaica. It focuses on the contribution made by the Maroons to modern Jamaica’s democracy and governance structure.  We are proud of this achievement, and the college will continue to be a part of this initiative," he said.

Miss Lennon, who is a past student of St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS), said she is delighted at the award, which she sees as an opportunity to develop academically, and contribute to her community.

"I am very thankful for the scholarship being offered to me. I am a descendant of the Maroon community, and I feel very privileged to have been the first recipient of this scholarship. I will return to my community, in the future, and contribute towards its development, and towards Jamaica’s development," she told JIS News.

The scholarship will be awarded every four years.