JIS News

The best of Jamaican food and drink will be on display at Commonwealth Fair 2010 to be held at the Kensington Town Hall in London on Saturday, November 13.
Each year, staff from the Jamaican High Commission and their friends and families, voluntarily organise and man the Jamaican stand at the popular event.
The funds raised from the fair will go towards the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund, which assists academically promising girls in poor financial circumstances, to complete their education.
Seven Jamaican girls are currently benefitting from scholarships under the programme, while three others recently graduated from secondary schools.
The event is expected to get underway at 11:30 a.m. and will see more than 50 Commonwealth countries participating. Each country is expected to mount a stall with handicraft, produce and culinary delights reflective of the culture and traditions of its people.
The Jamaican stall, which over the years, has been among the most patronised, will feature a diverse range of locally made products courtesy of Jamaican companies and distributors of Jamaican products based in the United Kingdom (UK).
Blue Mountain Coffee, rum and rum punches, biscuits, a range of sauces and teas, jerk pork and chicken, ackee and salt fish, hard dough bread, and patties will be among the items for sale at the fair.
An annual event, the Commonwealth Fair is a lively, colourful affair that displays the best of the culinary traditions and the rich cultural diversity of the 53 Commonwealth nations. The event is marketed as an ideal opportunity to find unusual gifts for Christmas.