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The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) ‘Best of Festival’ gets underway today (July 25) and will last until Friday, July 29, at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston. Speaking at a recent JIS ‘Think Tank’, Executive Director of the JCDC, Marcia Hextall said the event, which begins at 7:00 p.m. nightly, would feature this year’s gold medal winners from the various categories, comprising Folk Fest, Drama, Music, Speech and Dance Fests.
“On Monday we start the best of Festival concert series.and on each night we will feature a different area.each of these concerts will be about two hours in length and will feature the national gold medal winners in each of the areas,” she noted.
Apart from the on-stage performances each night, Miss Hextall said that patrons could also look forward to the ‘JCDC Festival Village’ that will highlight traditional Jamaican foods and craft items, among other things.
Entry to each performance will be $400 for adults and $100 for children. Persons who wish to see all the performances on each night will get a special price of $1,500 for the entire package.
The performances, dubbed ‘the centrepiece of festival’, form the second leg of Jamaica Festival 2005, and follows the first leg, which saw competitions taking place in the visual and performing arts, traditional folk forms, speech, music and the culinary Arts.
The third segment of Festival 2005, which will involve independence celebrations, will open with the National Independence Thanksgiving Service, to be held on July 31 at the Spanish Town Cathedral. Emancipation Vigil will follow on August 1, and will see all parishes undertaking celebratory activities. “The Emancipation Vigil happens where people in each parish have re-enactments of emancipation and also give thanks for emancipation as the ex-slaves would have done,” Miss Hextall noted.The National Vigil will be held in Manchester and will entail a cultural presentation, a service and a speech presentation on emancipation.
The entertainment package will continue with ‘Augus’ Fair’ on Emancipation Day at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, ‘Mello go Roun’, on August 4 at the National Arena, and the Independence Day Parade will get underway on the lawns of King’s House on August 6. The National Independence Street Dance will close the Independence celebrations at Half- Way-Tree Square.

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