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The Best Care Special School, which caters to physically and mentally challenged children between six and 18 years of age, is still registering students for the current school term.
Located at 11 Trevennion Road, in Kingston, the school is operated by the Best Care Foundation (formerly Best Care Lodge), and is home to children with special needs.

A student at the Best Care Special School plays with an educational toy that assists with co-ordination. The Kingston-based school caters to physically and mentally challenged children.

The mandate of the teachers is to enhance the students’ learning experience by captivating and stimulating their minds through the use of technology and other means and promoting self expression, self help skills, independent living skills and physical activities.
Child Care Manager at the Best Care Foundation, Margaret Loney told JIS News in an interview, that the school will also accept students up to the age of 21, as they will be able to participate in the vocational aspect of the school.
The institution offers kindergarten and primary level education, and for more mature students, another section offers vocational training, which entails cosmetology and home management.
Miss Loney further explained that the school makes provisions for students who may have completed studies at a special school, who are now teenagers and young adults, but are still not advanced enough to enter the regular school system.
Over the last year, the school has been expanding its programme to better meet the individual needs of the children through a standard-based curriculum, which is currently being implemented. This allows for individualised instruction and maximised direct intervention through the use of best teaching practices, staff development and ongoing assessment.

Child Care Manager at the Best Care Foundation, Margaret Loney, admires the work of a student at the Best Care Special School. The school caters to physically and mentally challenged children.

Meanwhile, Miss Loney is encouraging persons to come out and participate in the institution’s Open Day, scheduled for November 24.
“The Open Day will highlight what the school really does and will display the talents of the children in terms of performance along with their class work. There will also be a display of the work from the vocational (section).that will show different skills,” she informed.
Parents of children with special needs, who wish to register them at the school, can call the Foundation at 960-3620 for further details.

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