JIS News

The Belfield Primary School in St. Mary celebrated Jamaica Day on Friday (February 17) with a cultural package that highlighted the country’s rich ethnic diversity.

Under the national theme: ‘Celebrating Goals for Gold’ Principal of the school, Alva Jackson planned a day full of displays and presentations about the cultures that combine to depict Jamaica’s motto: ‘Out of many, one people’.

“We are focusing on the ethnic groups of Jamaica and showcasing their culture through artefacts, their modes of dress, music, and their cuisines,” school Principal Alva Jackson, told JIS News, which was on hand for the celebration.

Members of the community and parents also joined in the day’s events, and they were able to learn from the displays and presentations made, while partaking of the various dishes prepared.

Councillor for the Belfield Division and past student of the school, Levan Ainsworth Freeman, told JIS that the event was not just for the school, but for the entire community.

“Belfield is a community and most persons are related somewhat, so whatever is held by the school has an effect on the (wider) community. We normally join with the school family in being a part of their affairs,” he said.

Senior Television Writer/Producer/Presenter at the JIS, Andrea Chisholm, engaged the students in a lively discussion of Jamaica’s culture, after showing a short JIS feature where children spoke about the rich culture of the island.

Mrs. Jackson was excited at the presence of the JIS and said, “we specifically invited the JIS because we want them to be a part of this process.”

The JIS also captured highlights of Jamaica Day observances at the Holy Childhood Preparatory and Academy School in Kingston, where reigning Miss Jamaica Festival Queen, Krystle Daley, was on hand to celebrate with the students and share with them, valuable information on the country’s cultural traditions.


By Christine Ade-Gold