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Investigating Officer at the Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA), Gloria Thompson, has appealed for assistance for Kellie*, a bed-ridden resident of the Walker’s Place of Safety in Kingston.
Now 25 years old, Kellie has been unable to leave her bed for a number of years, as she is disabled and in need of a wheelchair. Ms. Thompson explained that the chair has to be custom built, due to Kellie’s size.
“The staff has to get help to move her around and to bathe and to change her and without the wheelchair, she has been unable to move because she has gotten very big in size it has been difficult,” she said.
Ms. Thompson made the plea during a treat put on by OCA staff members for residents of the home Wednesday (December 22). She told JIS News that Kellie is also in need of accommodation.
“They have been trying to find somewhere that they could take her, because she is no longer within the age (that the home caters to), but they have been unable to find adequate housing for her,” Ms. Walker noted.
“She wants to move, she needs some help, (but) she doesn’t have any family member or friends who can take care of her,” Ms. Walker added.
Each year, as a means lifting the spirits of children in homes at Christmas, OCA puts on Christmas treats at the various facilities. The Walker’s Place of Safety was founded in 1972 for orphans, abandoned and mentally challenged children.
The home receives a subvention of $5,000 from the Government per week for each child, and some help from private sector entities. There are 38 children are housed at the home.
*Name changed to protect her identity.

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