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The Pye River Cemetery in Montego Bay has come in for much needed attention from the St. James Parish Council with some $250,000 being spent to enhance its aesthetic beauty and ambience.
Commercial Services Manager at the Council, Hayden Marks has said that beautification work, inclusive of the bushing of heavily overgrown areas, was presently underway at the location in an effort to create flowers gardens and more green areas at the cemetery. “Plans are presently afoot also to have the security walls and main gate repainted, consistent to the levels of road work now taking place on the main roadway,” he told JIS News.
“We have so far successfully solicited the participation and support from the private sector in and around Montego Bay, resulting in donations of a number of tins of paint and also cash, which would help the Council in the overall sustainability of the cemetery for it to be more appealing to the general public”, he further informed.
Mr. Marks said that the beautification and cleaning of the facility would be ongoing and effort would be concentrated on the construction of drains to address the problem of flooding in the cemetery.
“As a result of this unpleasant situation at the Pye River Cemetery, our Superintendent of Roads and Works, Tubal Brown gave estimates to the Ministry (of Local Government and Community Development) in that regard, which have since been approved,” he said.
He told JIS News that the St. James Parish Council was seeking to live up to the mandate of the people, despite the many challenges, and to remedy and improve situations for people of the parish as well as for visitors.

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