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The St. Catherine Parish Council is to embark on a beautification project in Spanish Town next week. The project is expected to target entrances to the town, gardens, park spaces and sidewalks.
Secretary/Manager of the Council, Michael Morris, told JIS News that this effort was an attempt to brighten the face of Spanish Town.
“We’re going to take out some of the existing plants in the park and put in new ones, so as to bring back some colour and beauty to the park. We will also plant trees around the perimeter fence that the animals will not destroy,” he said.
Mr. Morris said the Council would be seeking funds from the ‘Lift Up Jamaica’ programme to finance the cost of rehabilitating the side-walks, adding that the rehabilitation of the park would be done with funds provided by the Council.
He emphasised that the Council was aiming to make the project sustainable.
The Council would also be looking at the round-about at the Jose Marti Technical High School and the one on the Old Harbour Road, pointing out but there was strong private sector support for both sites.
Mr. Morris said the beautification exercise was fully supported by the residents.

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