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The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is now working towards a new target of getting one million persons vaccinated by the end of November, and is urging persons to come out and get vaccinated this Heroes weekend. Speaking in an interview with JIS News, MOHW Director of Family Health Services Dr. Melody Ennis said, “we are encouraging everybody, certainly for this Heroes weekend, to be a hero on the scene and just take the vaccine. That’s what it’s all about this weekend. Everybody who has the 16th [of October] in their cards or any date before that, should come out and bring out someone for the first dose,” she declared.

Dr. Ennis added that persons who have a fear of needles can come out and get the one-dose Johnson and Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Family Health Director said that the MOHW is advising persons who need to travel and believe that there may be an error or an omission on their vaccination card, to visit a vaccination site to have it corrected. Dr. Ennis explained, however, that not all vaccination sites are equipped with the tablet computers that are used to verify the information on the system. “If you go to a site and it’s on the system, we’ll cross check and then it can be corrected or the addition can be made. If you go to a site and we don’t have the tablets, we will ask you to make contact with the health department in the parish that you got vaccinated so they can check. If you are not on the system, they can actually check the line listing which is the manual,” Dr. Ennis said. The Family Health Director pointed out that where SII is written on the vaccination card as the manufacturer it is correct, however, it may be useful if the name is written out. “SII is the manufacturer of CoviShield and that is the Serum Institute of India so it is just the abbreviated form. CoviShield is actually the brand from Serum Institute,” she said, adding that it is referred to as AstraZeneca. “What we do on the card, is write the name of the vaccine and there’s an area for the manufacturer. In some instances you see AstraZeneca because it may be

AstraZeneca Oxford that is the manufacturer. Those would have been the 300,000 doses that we got as a gift,” the Family Health Director stated. “We also got some from Canada and that would have been Canada Inc. as the manufacturer, so the manufacturers vary, but what is key is the batch number so once you have the batch number, you are able to identify which vaccine it is and then you can check on the manufacturer,” Dr. Ennis contended.

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