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The bauxite and alumina industry is working to get its production back to maximum levels, following the passage of Hurricane Dean on August 19.
St. Ann Jamaica Bauxite Partners in Discovery Bay was not affected and is fully operational. They commenced shipping of bauxite from August 21.
The Alpart operations in St. Elizabeth, which had only minor impact from the hurricane, commenced operations from August 22, and shipping of alumina got underway by the end of the week.
At Windalco Kirkvine and Ewarton, the plants were back in operation by August 22 and shipping commenced by the end of the week from Port Esquivel.
The Jamalco refinery had minor impact from the hurricane and is well on its way to full operation. However, its port at Rocky Point suffered significant damage and is now inoperable. Assessments are being made for reconstruction in the shortest possible time, while alternative arrangements are being explored.The companies are assisting communities in their respective areas.

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