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    Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, says that the provision of efficient utilities services is essential to the success of Jamaica’s tourism.
    “The relationship between the utilities and tourism is symbiotic, as we cannot deliver on a quality experience to the visitor, without excellent utilities,” Mr. Bartlett told the Easter Festival of the Caribbean Utilities Employees Association(CUEA), at the Starfish Resort, Trelawny, on Thursday(April 9).
    Mr. Bartlett stated that although, in Jamaica’s case, the utilities cost the industry about 13% of operating costs, they were critical to its success.
    “The visitor comes for an experience, an experience that is enriched by creature comforts created by the utilities that are available,” he explained.
    He noted that 47% of the total foreign exchange earnings in the region come from tourism, and tourism also provides 5-6 out of every 10 available jobs in the region.
    Mr. Bartlett said that approximately 23 other industries actually feed on, or are dependent on a viable tourism industry, which also contributes to improvements in the quality of life in many rural communities, because of their proximity.
    “Utilities bring a quality of life to these communities, and tourism development offers the opportunity for these critical values to be brought to communities. So when we create a resort area, the carrying capacity has to be there; water, electricity, telecommunications and other infrastructure,” he said.
    Over 200 delegates from across the Caribbean region are attending the CUEA 2009 Easter Festival.

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