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KINGSTON — A cohort of over 65 bar operators and bartenders received certificates for successfully completing training offered by the Red Stripe's Route Academy, on Thursday March 31.

The academy wants to implement a training programme for bar owners and bartenders, to improve the community bar business and establish long term partnerships.

Training was done by sales and marketing experts from Red Stripe, HEART Trust/NTA and Bars-to-Go Training Institute. It covered three main areas: the world of bartending; making your money work for you; and basic marketing and sales skills for owners and bartenders.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony at the Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston, President of the Small Business Association of Jamaica, Dalma James encouraged the recipients to put into practice what they had learnt to become successful entrepreneurs.

He pointed out that small businesses play a critical role in the development of any nation and, as such, programmes such as these are of utmost importance.

Project Leader, Latoya Simba, said the six module curriculum will ensure that the recipients are “destined to win”, with the skills they have acquired.

Valedictorian, Tanese Bloomfield said the opportunity will allow them to create their own paths. She added that it was an invitation of a lifetime signalling the beginning of a journey.

The initiative is part of the Diageo’s Learning for Life platform, which introduces participants to bartending and responsible drinking practices, among other things.



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