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The Bamboo Primary and Junior High School in St. Ann is to be expanded, to benefit more than 1,155 students and 34 teachers.
A contract to carry out the work was signed by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) and the Bamboo Community Development Benevolent Society at a ceremony held at the school on January 19.
“The JSIF family believes in teaching communities how to fish, which is why the Board approved $10.9 million from funds sourced through the Government of Jamaica for the school expansion project,” JSIF’s Human Resource Manager, Grace Ann Miller said.
She pointed out that the organization has always focused on education, and that a lot of money was being spent in the sector.
“A little under $1.5 billion has been approved for school projects ranging from construction, rehabilitation and fencing, to providing equipment and upgrading sanitary facilities,” Mrs. Miller pointed out.
She noted that the project did not only belong to the school, but that the wider community had an integral part to play. She urged the community members to take full responsibility of the project, ensuring that the facility was maintained on completion.
“Each of you must accept responsibility for ensuring that the school facilities are properly maintained so that the future generations can benefit from this investment,” she said. Mrs. Miller congratulated the Principal and staff of the institution for their hard work and perseverance.
Principal, Jean Watson, said she was very happy that JSIF has decided to embark on this expansion project, noting that the students would be able to learn in a more comfortable classroom setting.

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