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Southern Regional Director of the Child Development Agency (CDA), Grace Ann McFarlane, has called on students to plan their future and to develop character traits that can bring them to success.
Delivering the keynote address at the graduation ceremony of Balaclava High School, St. Elizabeth on Thursday (July 1), she said that as the students closed one chapter of their lives and stood to open another, they should do so with carefully worked out plans.
“Consider today as the ending of one chapter of your life, and the beginning of another. And if you have not yet started, it is not too late to start planning seriously and thinking about, what next. As you venture into the world of work, and for some, higher educational attainment, let your character be pure and noble,” the CDA Director stated.
“As you journey from here onward, may your characters be a shining pathway of hope that will lead you to become nation builders and leaders of tomorrow,” she said, as she exhorted the students not to get caught up in the hype around them.
“These things are fleeting and certainly not lasting. Focus on becoming worthwhile and productive persons/leaders in your communities, and anywhere you may find yourselves,” she said.
In her report, Principal of the school, Delkie Perriel, told the gathering that in her five-year stint at the institution, the graduates were exposed to positive engagement, and would have developed admirable traits and the right values to take them forward.
“While in our care we, your teachers, counsellors, instructors and mentors tried to cater to your all round development. Whatever might have been your entry level, we have endeavoured that the opportunity is provided for value added education. Consequently, students are motivated and trained to develop their potential according to their individual aptitude, whether they are academically inclined or skill oriented,” Mrs. Perriel said.
She commended the parents as well thinking, and asked that they continue to show courage in their children.
She said the teachers have made tremendous sacrifice to upgrade their skills. Thirty eight teachers took part in the e-Learning programme. She also noted that recently 24 teachers completed the Technology Integration in Education project, offered in conjunction with e-Learning and Mico University College.
“Such efforts by our teachers can only speak to their commitment to providing better and more effective learning experiences for our students,” she stated.

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