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The Bailleston Primary School in North Clarendon is to benefit from the construction of a computer laboratory and library/reading room at a cost of more than $5 million.
“We’re very happy to be undertaking this initiative at this time as it will mean an improvement in reading among the students and they will become computer literate.and the overall quality of education will be enhanced,” school principal Jasmine Allen told JIS News at the groundbreaking ceremony held on June 1.
She noted that the project was being funded by the Past Students’ Association, the School Board, the Citizens Association, and Member of Parliament for the Northwest Clarendon constituency, Richard Azan.According to Mrs. Allen, some 200 students at the school were expected to benefit from the computer laboratory, which would be equipped with 10 to 15 computers initially.
She also pointed to plans to open the library to the wider community and to offer evening classes in computer literacy. The school mainly serves the communities of Alston, Bailleston, Boothe Town, Malcolm Town, Bottom Smith and Williams Town.
Construction is expected to commence before the end of the school year and will continue during the summer for completion by year-end.
Hugh Munro, Territorial Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture and guest speaker at the function, highlighted the importance of stakeholder contribution in school development.
He commended those persons, who had been assisting Bailleston Primary over the years, noting that their efforts were well appreciated by the Ministry of Education. He also lauded those who assisted in restoring normalcy to the school after Hurricane Ivan last September.
“Out of adverse situations and circumstances, we can have outstanding contributions and performances. In the wake of Hurricane Ivan, people were willing to launch out and give their best,” Mr. Munro said.He also encouraged the community to care for and properly maintain the existing and new facilities to be put in place in order to leave a legacy for future generations.
During the ceremony, plaques were presented to members of the community, who had given more than five years of service and support to the school. They included Reverend and Mrs. Errol White; Reverend G. Bacchas; Hazel Blake, the Malcolm family; the O’Connor family; the Nelson family; Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Gray, Member of Parliament Richard Azan, and Yvonne Peters.

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