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Effective Monday, May 3, new parking rates will be implemented at the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA). The new rates follow the recent implementation of an automated car park collection system at the airport.
“We have made some improvements to the physical infrastructure of the car park areas, Public Car Park #1 and #2, to make them more in line with a modern international airport, and this includes the automated parking system,” outlined Paul Hall, Senior Vice President of Operations at the NMIA Limited.
The automated system provides vehicular access control for entry and exit to the parking area, automatic issuance of tickets to users, determination of the parking fee and the recording of all transactions related to parking.
While the existing public car park fee is a flat rate of $40, the new rates to be introduced at NMIA are time-based (see table below). Car park users will be issued a ticket at the point of entry, which must be retained to determine the amount to be paid at the time of exit.
The introduction of this new parking system will result in a number of changes around the airport, and Patrice Pencle, Terminal Services Manager at the NMIA Limited, is imploring the public to be more vigilant, and to note and obey the information signs.
“There will be a number of signs erected around the airport explaining the changes in procedure as they are implemented and directing the traffic to that effect, so we are encouraging the public to read these signs, so as to ensure an easy transition and smooth flow to these new procedures,” Ms. Pencle stressed.
Some of the changes which will be implemented come May 3 include a new entry lane, as the current entry lane will be used to exit the car park. This new entry lane will be equipped with a single ticket issuing machine and a barrier gate. When the ticket is pulled from the dispenser, the gate will be activated to open (lifting) and allow the entry of one vehicle.
The ticket, which is paper-based, has a magnetic strip and will be stamped with the date and time of entry to the car park. It is critical that this ticket is retained by the vehicle owner/driver so as to facilitate the payment of the relevant parking fee at the point of exiting the car park.
At the exit lane, a display unit visible to the user will highlight the total park time and the relevant fee to be paid. There is a grace period for any car park user, who exits the park after 5 minutes. These persons will not incur any charge, however, the ticket issued at the point of entry must be returned.
Airport officials are advising the public too, that only cash payments will be accepted, and the public is therefore encouraged to have their parking tickets and the relevant payment amount available before entering the exit lane of the car park areas.
Revenue earned from these new parking rates will go a long way to improving the airport’s infrastructure, Mr. Hall told JIS News. Duration of Stay Fee (J$) Up to 1 hour 50.00 Up to 2 hours 100.00 More than 2 hours and up to 24 hours 150.00 Each subsequent 24-hour period or part thereof. An additional 150.00

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