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Minister of State for Finance and Planning, Fitz Jackson, has lauded the role of auditors in ensuring transparent and consistent documentation of spending at all levels of government, including at the parish council level.
“The role of our auditors represents the first line in seeking to ensure efficiencies in government at both national and local levels and that financial efficiency and accountability is in place,” Mr. Jackson stated, as he addressed a one-day workshop of government auditors today (Nov. 9) at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston.
He reminded the more than 170 internal auditors that in executing their tasks, they should be guided by the highest levels of personal integrity and professionalism.
According to the Finance State Minister, there was “an overwhelming demand for (government) to ensure the highest levels of efficiencies so that we can strengthen our capacities to provide better service to the people”.
The auditors, he said, “owed it to Jamaicans to be administratively efficient, as the people of Jamaica have become far less tolerant of slow, inadequate responsiveness of government to their needs.” “Be responsive in a very efficient way, meaning you get to the problem as soon as possible, but simultaneously, ensure financial efficiency in terms of containing costs and delivering quality goods and services for the expenditures that are made,” the State Minister urged.
In the meantime, Minister Jackson said the government was keen on increasing revenue, by ensuring that businesses and individuals paid their taxes.
He told JIS News that while there were no plans to increase taxes, there would be renewed thrust to ensure maximum compliance with taxation laws.
Part of the thrust, he said, was to amend related legislation, noting that the government’s auditing outfit would be greatly improved with the impending amendment to the Customs Act, now before the Lower House.

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