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A name change may be one of the issues raised when the Access to Information Act (ATI) comes up for review before a joint select committee of Parliament in January.
Information Minister, Senator Burchell Whiteman, told JIS News today (Dec. 21), that the aim was to reflect the fact that the Act was “about access to official documents and it really isn’t just access to information in a general sense”.
“Information can be gleaned from websites, from the telephone.that is not what the Act is designed for. It is designed to give people access to documents so that they can see for themselves what the source document says or hear what the recording has on it,” he continued, stressing that the intent was to ensure that the Act satisfied the purposes for which it was created.
Meanwhile, the Information Minister said it was most commendable that with the help of the JIS, many ministries and agencies now had information on their websites, which allowed people to get details about the size of government contracts, when they were awarded, and the services offered.
He said that while it was true that the penetration of Internet access was still relatively low in terms of individual households, a significant body of the population had access through the workplace, schools, libraries and Internet caf

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