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Minister of Tourism, Entertainment and Culture, Aloun Ndombet Assamba, is promoting Kingston as a prime resort and business tourism area, with vibrant nightlife, culture and shopping, which was on par with Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.
“Too many times, we forget that Kingston is in fact one of the resort areas of Jamaica and we have everything that a visitor could want when they go to a country, right here in Kingston,” she said.
Mrs. Assamba, who was speaking at the launch of the 2007 Convention of the Kiwanis Eastern Canada and Caribbean (EC&C) District at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel today (Sept. 27), on the occasion of World Tourism Day, stated that the event, which would be held in Kingston, next August, would help to boost cultural tourism and commerce in the capital city. “Kingston is the most vibrant city in the Caribbean,” and deserved the exposure, which could be derived from an event of this magnitude.
Detailing some of the attractions of Kingston and its environs, Mrs. Assamba said, “if you want beach, we have it. There is nothing in the world as nice as getting up on a Saturday morning and going out to Hellshire Beach and picking your own fish, sitting and enjoying the sea breeze, going for a swim if you so desire and wait while your fish is cooked.”
She noted further that shopping areas were located near to the hotels and the increased presence of police personnel in New Kingston, would be very helpful in averting any threats to visitors.
“I am very proud to say that when we have activities like the Emancipation Day celebrations on Knutsford Boulevard, there was no threat.in New Kingston on Independence Day, there were thousands of persons there and I don’t think we heard about one incident that needed to have us concern ourselves about security,” she pointed out.
Some 600 international and 200 local Kiwanians are expected to attend the international conference, which would be held from August 8-11, 2007.Chairman of the Host Planning Committee and Lieutenant Governor of EC&C, Robert Wynter, noted that delegates would take advantage of the recreational aspects of the city, even while conducting business.
He said “the business of the District will be accomplished; Kiwanians will consume goods and services provided by a wide variety of locals, including food, drink, entertainment, communication, tours, crafts and souvenirs, financial services to name a few.”
Mr. Wynter noted that once the delegates experience Jamaica’s usual first-class service, they “will not only want to come back for more, but will tell their friends about Jamaica and its wonderful hospitality and service”.