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Residents of the communities of Clifton, Askenish and Mount Pace turned out in their numbers on Thursday (May 18) at the Clifton All Age School, to participate in a symbolic ceremony in celebration of the pending rehabilitation of the Askenish to Mount Pace Road in Hanover. A $19.4 million contract was recently signed between implementing agency, the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) and Contraxx Enterprises Limited to carry out the works, which is being financed by the Government of Jamaica.
The scope of the work to be carried out on the approximately 3 .5 kilometres of roadway include: scarifying, filling soft spots, resurfacing, as well as construction of drainage and retaining structures. The project is slated to begin within a week, and will continue for four months.
Mayor of Lucea, and Councillor for the Riverside Division in Western Hanover, Lester Crooks, congratulated the residents for their initiative in organizing themselves as a group, worthy of benefiting from the JSIF. He reminded residents that they had a responsibility to care and protect the road when it was completed.
“This is your road and you must take the initiative to reduce the damage that can be done to the road, and not just sit back and wait for the government to do it,” he stated. He pledged his continued support to work with the community in maintaining the road.
Member of Parliament for Western Hanover, Ralston Anson, in his comments expressed the view that community infrastructure development was one way of preventing brain drain in deep rural areas such as Clifton.
Operations Manager at JSIF, Omar Sweeney, who was unable to attend the function, said in his message, that his organization was aware that when the roads in a community were good, much could be achieved that could have a significant impact on the economic growth and productivity of that community.
Mr. Sweeney praised the community organization for its commitment towards the improvement of the roadway, which amounts to 11 per cent of the total cost of the rehabilitation work.
“Special recognition should be given to the Clifton and Mount Peace Citizens Association, as it is through their vision and hard work that the rehabilitation of the road is finally becoming a reality,” he said.
Approximately 1,500 residents inclusive of farmers stand to benefit from the improvement of the roadway.

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